The Green Gorge

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Grazalema Natural Park boasts an extension of almost 52.000 Ha of limestone mountains which form a natural paradise for walkers, birdwatchers and photographers. The park is blessed with a variety of picturesque valleys, cliffs, caves and gorges. La Garganta Verde (The Green Gorge) is a spectacular canyon formed over thousands of years by the erosion of Bocaleones stream. The river current carved this astonishing cave and erosion prepared its natural approach. The resulting formation gives the feeling a hermitage, divinely designed for pilgrims of nature.

Note: The singular importance of this habitat can be appreciated by the strict control of access to this site. Limited access permits are allotted per day. For this reason we must confirm your attendance on this excursion with at least one week’s notice. The area is closed for much of the summer due to fire risk; therefore we cannot offer this walk between July and early October. 


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