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Birding Tarifa is specialized in tours around the Strait of Gibraltar, Cadiz, Doñana and Morocco and it was the first bird watching tour company registered in Tarifa.

The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the best birdwatching areas in Europe. There are several reasons why we work in the Strait, but the migration of millions of migratory birds every year, is really the principal attraction.

Tarifa and the surroundings areas, such as La Janda, Alcornocales Natural Park, Bay of Cadiz, Doñana and Morocco just 14 km away, offer top birding opportunities all year round apart from the spectacular raptor migration.

Because sustainable development is possible, we work every day to achieve it. By choosing Birding Tarifa, you will be contributing directly to the preservation of nature. We donate a part of our annual profit to our own nature conservation projects as well as other projects with nature foundations, associations and non-profit organizations.

“Bird migration across the Strait of Gibraltar is one of those experiences that any birder shouldn´t miss…”

Our Team

Manuel Morales
Chief Guide

Graduated in Environmental Sciences and bird ringer by EBD (Doñana Biological Station), Manuel lives in the Strait of Gibraltar since 2009. His passion for traveling, birds and nature conservation, led him to start up Birding Tarifa in 2012.

Marcelina Romo

Marce works as wildlife guide and environmental educator for Birding Tarifa since 2014. Graduated in Environmental Sciences, She is a very enthusiastic volunteer and usually takes part in bird ringing sessions and censuses with EBD (Doñana Biological Station) and SEO Birdlife.

Víctor Porras

Raised right next to the mudflats of the Bay of Cádiz, Victor developed a total fascination for all aspects of natural history from a very early age. A lifelong birder, with extensive travel industry experience in various areas, he began leading wildlife activities during the ten years he lived in Ireland, Germany and Poland. Victor joined Birding Tarifa in 2017, looking after travel operations, participating in field surveys and guiding birdwatching tours always with great enthusiasm and a friendly disposition

Rocío de Andrés

Bird ringer and graduated in Environmental Sciences, Rocio engaged in the Andalucia Osprey reintroduction project. Currently she combines her job position for SEO Birdlife in Doñana with guiding bird watching tours for Birding Tarifa.


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  •  Email: info@birdingtarifa.es

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